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Fishing 5/5/10
bass, Fishing
Date-May 5, 2010
Lake-North Twin
Water temp-About 55-57F
Water color-Clear
Air temp-About 40F
Wind-SSW 5-15 MPH
Time-About 8PM
Bottom type-Sand/Wood
Lure-Jig and minnow:Fathead

Fish seemed to hit the bait while it was on the way down from the jigging motion.  All of them were in the 13-14.5" range, fairly active for how cold it was.  It seemed only one spot had "the catch" going on.  We used a 1/8oz. red and white jig with a fathead and it seemed almost every cast for about 30 minutes had a fish on the end of it.  After awhile your hands started to get cold and we couldn't feel our fingers, but we dragged on hoping to land a keeper. It was 9PM when we packed up and it was dead for the last 10 minutes before that.  It seems that the fish bite just before the sun goes down and quit as soon as the sun disappears over the horizon.



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