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Fishing 5/4/10
Fishing, bass
Date-May 4, 2010
Lake-North Twin
Water temp-56.7F
Water color-clear
Air temp-About 60F
Weather-Partly Cloudy
Wind-ESE 10-20 MPH
Time-About 6:45PM
Bottom type-Rocks/Hump
Lure-Jig and Minnow:Fathead

Some fish are suspended about 10-15' and there were other people using slip bobbers and minnows.

Jigging on the bottom and the fishing are just putting it in their mouth, so you have to give it a little bit of time.  I suggest a light-medium sensitive rod for this so you can feel the difference between just the bait to having it in a fish's mouth.  I used a 1/8oz. firetiger jig.  We caught a 14" walleye and a 14 1/2" walleye.  It seemed that the fish were not very aggressive, and if you pulled the bait out of their mouths, most of them did not pick it up again.



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